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Hostels Reopening 21st of December 2020


It is information to all the MBBS Students of Bannu Medical College, Bannu that the Khyber Medical University Peshawar has announced tentative schedule of Exam. As promised by the Dean BMC Bannu Dr. Hussain Baber all the students are hereby allowed for entry in to their respective hostels w.e.f 21st of December, 2020. By the order of Dean BMC, Bannu

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Hostel Sealed Update 13/11/2020


Dean / Chief Executive BMC, Bannu The Effected Students of Covid-19 residing in KGNTH Hostel were advised by the administration BMC to observe protocols of quarantine but they left for home on their own. The said affected hostel vacated yesterday was fumigated as a whole today. Corona PCR Tests were arranged for all the contacted students including kitchen workers and all of them turned out negative. Furthermore,  the PCR Test Negative students who wish to reside in the hostel are allowed to reside with the condition to applying quarantine protocols. All the students now living in the hostel are locked from [...]

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