Considering the (Covid-19) crisis and SOPs advised by KMU, Peshawar the following strategies are finalized to considering the re-opening of BMC hostels on a tentative date of 15th September, 2020.

  1. Those Male/Female students who can afford PCR tests for Covid-19, may do the test in their own cities and should bring the report of the same at the time of entry into the hostel as entry in the hostel will be subject to the negative result of the test.
  2. Those Male/Female students who can’t afford the test in outside laboratories will be provided the free PCR test facility at KGNTH, MTI, Bannu. As KGN test result will be available after two days so during the waiting period accommodation to the female students will be provided by the administration of BMC, Bannu while male students will have to arrange accommodation at their own level/resources. Entry in the hostels will be subject to the negative result of the test.
  3. Initially surgical masks will be provided to all the students from the college side and later-on every student will have to arrange the same on his/her own level/resources.
  4. During the hostel stay wearing of surgical mask will be essential.
  5. All the common rooms & dining rooms will remain closed and food will be provided to each & every student in his/her room.
  6. No one will be allowed to leave the hostel except any essential work duly endorsed by the warden concerned to avoid the spread of Covid-19 infection from local community.

These SOPs will remain in practice till the existence of Covid-19 crisis and if anyone found to violate these SOPs will be expelled from their respective college.

Incharge IT by the orders of Dean BMC, Bannu.

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