1st to 4th Year Exam Forms


All the 1st Year to 4th Year MBBS students (Session 2019-20) BMC Bannu are hereby directed to submit their exam forms along with the following documents and fee in Students Affiars Section BMC, Bannu for Annual Exam 2020, from (Monday) 10/08/2020 to (Tuesday) 25/08/2020 positively otherwise double fee will be charged.

  1. 1st year and 3rd year Exam Fee Rs. 5600/-.
  2. 2nd year Exam fee Rs. 6450/-
  3. 4th year Exam fee Rs. 7300/-
  4. Photocopy of DMS (Last Exam only).
  5. Passport size Photographs (03 Nos) white background.
  6. Copy of C.N.I.C / Form-B)
Incharge IT/SLRC by the orders of Director SAS & Academics BMC, Bannu